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10 Essential Zero Waste Products

10 Essential Zero Waste Products

Zero Waste Utensils

Living plastic-free or simply with less plastic is easier to adapt to nowadays. We’ve got you covered with the 10 essential zero-waste products to end for good your use of plastic. Consider these your starter kit for a smooth transition towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Here are your must-haves:

1. Bamboo Utensils

This one is #1 for a reason. Plastic utensils are everywhere each time we order out, they’re always thrown in the order out bag or left out for us to use. You can easily decline by carrying your own chic utensils.

Photo by Maria Ilves on Unsplash

2. Reusable Water Bottle 

Avoid plastic bottles by carrying this most essential product to keep you hydrated along your day. You’ll be saving the ocean of plastic bottles and the saving your pocket of diving deeper for money. Refill over and over without waste.

3. Beeswax Wrap

For leftovers, picnic trips, or your to-go snacks. These wraps hold up anything and are as stronger than their plastic replacement. This will be a switch you won’t notice, just apply a bit of water on the edges and it sticks! Wash and reuse for 1 year. This product can also be DIY at home.

4. Reusable Bags

Plastic bags are a huge deal because they are everywhere, one major location is the supermarket. This switch will not damage the ocean or have you throwing out unwanted plastic bags. Here’s a tip, after using them I like to keep them in the car, so I don’t forget bringing them in my next supermarket trip, you can also keep them in your daily handbag or backpack. 

5. Refill Floss

You got two choices: there is silk floss and for our lovely vegan’s charcoal bamboo. You can order your next refill without needing to replace the glass container, how much greater can this get.

6. Steel , Glass or even Bamboo Straws

For all-lovers of smoothie making yummiest at home these straws are aesthetically pleasing and so eco-friendly. The steel and bamboo are great to carry with your to-go utensils. The glass well, I’ve broken two by now but that is because I am clumsy, I recommend your careful with glass. Whichever material you choose will be a choice of activism towards zero-waste and those are lovely vibes.

7. Reusable Coffee Cup

Coffee-lovers if you are heading to your local coffee shop, ask your barista to pour your coffee in this cup. Plus, if you are making it at home, this is your go-to cup. Those single-use coffee cups sealed with plastic inside are solo, reusables are in and this is an item to have. 

8. Steel Razor

Shaving! Yes even for shaving you can go zero-waste with steel razors. Plastic razors cannot be recycled, so this replacement is very good plus the quality of your shave is higher. The razor handle will last forever and the blades can last up to 1-2 months and since they are stainless steel, they can be recycled.

9. Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrush are goners with this switch. Their smooth bristles and minimal handle design, leave your teeth and your waste clean. The bristles are not compostable, so before composting the bamboo the bristles have to be removed.

Photo by Ignacio F. on Unsplash

10. Mason Jars

One word multi-purpose. Mason jars are great for bulk buying, as a drinking cup, storing dry produce + storing your diy face wash or diy toothpaste. I’ve bought a few jars in the thrift shop, they come in different sizes and are easy to find.

With these easy switches you will begin reducing waste with ease. No longer will you have to worry about running routinely to the supermarket to buy more of the same plastic products or depending on them. These products are reusable or compostable and are part of our daily routine. Three main products to keep in your bag are the bamboo utensils, straw, and the refillable bottle water. Essentially make the best of what you can start with, each product that you can switch to zero-waste is a win for the ocean and you (the changemaker).

This article was written by Kaara Mary.

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