Cecilia Rinaldi is a brand dedicated to ethical and conscious fashion. We create clothing and accessories based on environmental and social sustainability using fabrics and organic materials produced in Italy.

Each collection is created with the idea of Slow Fashion, emphasizing sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for humanity. Italian style is combined with a deconstructed form influenced by different Asian cultures resulting in a refined and minimal urban chic style.

We promote continual research into new innovative methods while always referencing Italian traditions to maintain high quality products with a low environmental impact. We believe that providing the option to buy one quality garment over multiple low quality items contributes to reducing the environmental impact of a wardrobe.

A portrait of Cecilia Rinaldi

Cecilia Rinaldi is a creative young woman with a rich professional career as a fashion designer, pattern-maker and clothing accessory sampler.

She has devoted herself to her handmade vocation, deepening her sartorial and design techniques through creative research and the study of materials and fabrics.

In 2010 Cecilia graduated from the Accademia Italiana Art Fashion and Design in Florence, where she also currently teaches. She values continual learning and in 2013, she attended Richland College’s Cultural Studies program while working as a designer for private clients and as a buyer through a fashion boutique in the United States. She has also attended Esmod International Fashion Academy in Berlin, specializing in fashion illustration and stylistic design.

Cecilia values collaboration and looks for opportunities to volunteer with other sustainable brands around the globe as a way to increase her knowledge and help spread and support the movement of sustainable and ethical fashion.

As an avid traveler, Cecilia comes in contact with different contexts and cultures which are the inspiration for her research and new ideas. This allows her style to continually grow and mature, always keeping in mind her sustainable and artisanal foundation.

Price Range
€151.00 - €1,000.00
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Sustainability is a focus on the planet, respect for the individual and society, the safeguarding of fundamental rights and equal economic distribution. Cecilia Rinaldi promotes sustainability through respect of human rights, ethical labour practices and support of the planet using fabrics which are natural and cultivated according to ancient natural processes that protect the ecosystem. With decisions born from love for everything around us, we strive to be an ethical and conscious choice for our clientele. Together, we can make sustainability a lifestyle that ensures the future of human beings and the planet. We also use natural or low-environmental impact dying techniques that reflect the true nature of our fabrics.

Human Wellbeing

The sustainable textile supply chain is characterised by a large number of processes, from fibre to fabric, that cover the entire production cycle. Cecilia Rinaldi pays attention to each detail of these processes by ensuring that all their fabrics are I.C.E.A certified, guaranteeing the protection of human rights for all those who contribute to the supply chain. Labour, hours and salary are regulated by specific quality standards and health and safety parameters are respected.

Trade certification is the first guarantee of safeguards related to textile manufacturing. Each certification monitors certain phases by coordinating a network of highly qualified inspectors who operate in compliance with a specific code of conduct. There are various types of Textile Certifications to protect the fundamental rights of the individual and control raw material.

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G.O.T.S.: http://www.global-standard.org/

FAIRTRADE (Fair Trade Fair): http://www.fairtrade.net

VEGETABLE LEATHER, CONSORZIO VERA PELLE: http://www.pellealvegetale.it

Animal Wellbeing

VEGETABLE LEATHER, CONSORZIO VERA PELLE: http://www.pellealvegetale.it


Cecilia Rinaldi controls each aspect of tailoring and ensures that the highest quality raw materials are used in every collection. We use 100% natural organic textile fibers and new regenerated techical fabrics as Eco Nylon. which are spun into yarn and then woven into fabric. Our fabrics do not contain O.G.M. and pesticides, which is beneficial for those with sensitive skin. The result is a finished garment of superior quality made of pure and raw materials with a unique and beautiful texture.

GOTS, Fairwear Foundation

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