Dirty Celebrity

Dirty Celebrity helps everyone express themselves with attention grabbing statement pieces sure to spark a conversation. From the introvert who wants a conversation starter to the creative looking to express themselves through our accessories; we cater to all who love self expression.

We purposely design high-quality, sustainable, and unique fashion accessories that can shine in your wardrobe for years to come. Our winning assortment of product includes casual tees, handbags, sunglasses, hair accessories, hats, scarves, and timeless jewelry pieces.

United States,North-America
Price Range
€55.00 - €500.00
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We pride ourself in using deadstock and organic materials in every design with a focus on zero waste for our accessories.

Made to order in small quanities and using all our materials until they are gone. We ship carbon netural with Sendle and use biodegradeable shipping packaging.

Human Wellbeing

We strive for equal pay in an industry known to not pay its garment workers. We investigate our factories and have choosen to manufacture in the US since we can police our factory and know its condition.

We are against sweat shops and we still make some of our products in house.

Animal Wellbeing

We only use scrap leathers in our designs and have stopped using feathers and fur for several years.

We have past designs with feathers but plan to phase out the use of feathers in 2025 for fabricated ones.

We care about our animal friends and know thier skins is best where it belongs…on thier bodies.


We use 3d print casting instead of wax casting in our metal jewelry to decrease waste and use PLA in some of our jewelry designs.

We streamline our photos using AI technology but do not use AI models or AI design software.

Our main focus is to create accessories that can transform into multiple functions so you can expand your wardrobe.

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