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Building wardrobes, not landfills.

Keep your footprint as light as a kiss. That’s our endless mission.

Doucette and Petite Doucette have supported New York City’s historic garment district since 2005, exclusively manufacturing in the heart of it all. We know every person involved in making each garment- from development to production- and fairly compensate everyone involved, with pleasure.

We tread as lightly as we can. We only source vintage goods, deadstock, and remnants so that we can minimize our footprint. It’s not glamorous, nor is it a snap to merchandise collections in this way, but it sure is great for our customers who score limited-quantity pieces. So you won’t run into anyone else wearing your dress. 😉

Our brick-and-mortar shop in Cold Spring, NY is where we’re serving up Doucette along with all the other accouterments you’ll need for your wardrobe.

We really want you to get dressed everyday. And have some fun with it! Let us help you keep your footprint as light as a kiss with fit-perfect, timeless silhouettes that you’ll wear often and feel great in. It’s all about buying longevity pieces that you love, ladies. And don’t wait to wear it!

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€1.00 to €800.00
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65 Main Street , Cold Spring, NY 10516, North-America
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Since 2005, we’ve chosen to work with existing fabrics and remnants and manufacture exclusively in New York City’s historic Garment District to support the preservation of this monumental neighborhood in New York City, which is responsible for New York’s reputation as a global force. This fashion industry leader will become a forgotten treasure unless designers insist on stateside manufacturing, urge legislation to invest in new technology so that the US can actually compete with advanced textile manufacturing resources abroad, and ultimately support the vast talent and vendors that still exists here in the Garment District. We’re into building wardrobes, not landfills. That’s how we roll.

Human Wellbeing

We believe in fair wages and driving our own local economy through our New York City production teams and our main street brick-and-mortar shop. We keep people working. We have long-standing, trusting relationships with our suppliers and partners. We know every person who touches each piece we make throughout the production cycle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are forever committed to this level of intimate manufacturing. We feel a responsibility to our client’s well-being and use what we do as a platform to educate and inform. We let them know how much heart and devotion is in each and every rescued Doucette New York forever garment. Longevity is always in mind, so silhouette, fabric, and fit are key drivers in the production of every jewel-box collection. Silhouettes that are not only generationally appealing but that flatter all the goddess shapes- those are our forever pieces, for forever clients. Wardrobes, not landfills.

Animal Wellbeing

We focus on environmentally sustainable practices to support the Earth, both people and animals. The only fur you will find in-store is faux.

Innovation & Technology

We’d love to partner with Senator Gillibrand who last year led and passed a bill in New York state to revive the garment industry and invest in manufacturing here. As we sincerely hope to make that connection with her team, we continue to do our thing – source vintage goods, deadstock fabric, and remnants to use what’s already out there. It’s a stone-cold on-the-ground-no-glamour search for those hidden gems, especially those goods that we no longer even have the machines to weave or make –
these are the goods that really get us amped up! (We then share all of that with our loyal and appreciative clients, who are so very grateful.)

It’s accurate to say we’re pretty “analog”, since literally just about everything is done by a person, by hand, where we live, but that’s how we keep our footprint as light as a kiss 💋

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