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About Meadowlark Vintage

Meadowlark Vintage was set up in 2020, and aims to provide affordable vintage clothing, to encourage people to shop sustainably and help the planet.

We specialise in 70s and 80s pieces but stock pieces from all decades to y2k. And everything is under £30!

We are based purely online, but stock Bailey’s antiques in Paisley, Scotland.

Price Range
€1.00 to €37.00
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All items are shipped in recycled plastic packaging or recyclable paper packaging, and as our clothes are second hand we are helping the environment by using clothes that are already here!

Human Wellbeing

We are a one person business, again selling second hand clothes, most of which were originally produced in the UK or other European countries pre fast-fashion.

Animal Wellbeing

We sell second hand wool, leather, suade and mohair.
We sell these products because we believe this is more ethical than letting the products go to landfill.

Innovation & Technology

We are a purely online brand and aim to be as accessible as possible by using sum up store.

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