At MIOLENTO we upcycle retired paragliders and parachutes, giving them a second life which you can wear and be inspired by. Wearing one of our articles means to wear a piece which has flown for hundreds of flight hours over the most beautiful landscapes you can think of, at smooth weather and through turbulent conditions as well.


Our founder Elisa learned from a young age to think twice before discarding used materials, always asking herself whether they couldn’t be reused or serve a different purpose. When she found her passion in paragliding, she wondered what became of paragliders and rescue parachutes when they no longer serve for flying. She did not get a satisfying answer. So she found her own. This is how MIOLENTO was born.

Price Range
€9.00 - €150.00
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We use a maximum of recycled and upcycled materials for our products. Zero waste is our big mission – that is why we keep all fabric remnants to transform them into new products.

Human Wellbeing

Regional production is important to us. All our articles are produced in our atelier or at a woman-owned textile manufacture in Saxony, Germany. Thereby we ensure fair working conditions, high quality products and short supply chains.

Animal Wellbeing

All our products are vegan.


We save high quality fabrics from paragliders from the trash and give them a second life.

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