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See through is a sustainable and ethical beachwear brand inspired by craftswomanship, nature and slow design. We make one of a kind crochet pieces made in collaboration with a collective of women in the Himalaya’s from natural nettle fiber.

Bringing this lost craft to conscious muses around the world, we invite you to take part. On a smaller scale changing the narrative of the makers and on a bigger scale echoing a positive voice in a saturated fast-fashion world. One that speaks of empowerment, sustainability, and most of all sisterhood.

This is our journey. From fiber to fashion. From craft to art. From the Himalayas to the world.


Price Range
€69.00 - €190.00
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Made by nature, crafted by hand. Our crochet pieces are made from natural nettle fiber. The threads are directly extracted from the nettle plant, spun and woven into fabric. A hard and elaborate process fully done by hand.

✔️ Nettle fibre processing is non-harming to the eco-system, natural and organic ✔️ Needs less water ✔️ Easy renewable source ✔️ Dyed naturally

Human Wellbeing

Our crochet pieces are crafted by homebased workers in the Himalayas in Nepal, assuring good working conditions and fair pay, which allows them to provide for themselves and the education of their children.

Animal Wellbeing



We embrace traditional techniques alongside modern, timeless designs.

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