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Sundays Creations, a fashion brand driven by sustainability, ethics, and women’s empowerment, carefully curates timeless wardrobe essentials that inspire individuality, comfort, and confidence. We prioritize transparency, ensuring our customers know the origins and environmental impact of our clothing.

As a brand owned by women, we value unity and strive to foster a safe and inclusive community. Fashion, to us, is an artistic expression that unifies and empowers individuals. By embracing slow fashion, we help you explore your authentic style while minimizing harm to the planet.

Established in 2021 by two like-minded friends with a shared passion for style and sustainability, Sundays Creations presents a thoughtfully curated collection of enduring capsule wardrobe items. Our collections are designed to make our customers feel inspired, unique, comfortable, and, most importantly, confident in understanding the origins and environmental footprint of their clothing. Our core principles encompass sustainability, ethics, and the empowerment of women.

Slow fashion is not just an option but a necessity for us, as we recognize the detrimental toll fast fashion takes on our environment and the people involved. Just like any worthwhile endeavor, fashion should be given time. Nothing of true quality or value is created in haste, and the same principle applies to your clothes. By embracing slow fashion, we uphold our commitment to ethics and sustainability.

United States,North-America
Price Range
€58.00 - €164.00
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Our brand is not just about fashion; it’s a reflection of our values and commitments. We meticulously selected a manufacturer situated in Bali, Indonesia, following thorough research. This manufacturer stands out as it is not only women-owned but also boasts a workforce where 90% are women. Their mission revolves around empowering female garment workers, ensuring equal job opportunities within the fashion industry. They actively contribute to sustainability by implementing various practices: reducing carbon emissions, promoting ethical and fair wages, minimizing waste, and prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable methods. Their approach to waste reduction and carbon emissions includes strategic measures such as avoiding over-ordering materials, utilizing creative patterning techniques to minimize off-cuts, employing non-toxic or plant-based dyes, sourcing materials locally, implementing recycling programs, and offsetting carbon emissions annually to achieve carbon neutrality. Moreover, their code of conduct mirrors our own ethos at Sundays: employees are compensated with wages higher than the industry standard, hail from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, receive paid overtime and holidays, are protected against forced or child labor, and enjoy excellent working conditions with access to health insurance. Our collaboration with such a conscientious manufacturer underscores our dedication to ethical fashion and sustainability, ensuring that every piece we create is not only stylish but also responsibly crafted.

Human Wellbeing

At Sundays, we prioritize the ethical treatment and fair compensation of every individual involved in the creation of our brand. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, from the skilled artisans crafting our garments to the diligent workers behind the scenes, receives fair/living wages. We adamantly oppose any form of forced labor and guarantee that all individuals are employed in environments that uphold the highest standards of safety and well-being.

We firmly believe that every person contributing to our brand is an indispensable part of the journey towards delivering quality garments imbued with our values. It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of each individual, recognizing their pivotal role in bringing our vision to life.

By providing meaningful employment opportunities, we not only empower these individuals but also enrich the communities in which they reside. We take immense pride in fostering an environment where creativity thrives and livelihoods are sustained. Together, we are not just creating clothing; we are nurturing a culture of fairness, respect, and dignity for all.

Animal Wellbeing

As a conscientious brand committed to ethical principles, we place great importance on the welfare of animals throughout our product creation process. Our philosophy centers around prioritizing vegan alternatives over materials derived from animals, implementing cruelty-free practices, and utilizing non-toxic dyes.


We proudly represent a manufacturer with a plethora of certifications, such as EcoVero, Lenzing, Carvico, Seaqual, Repreve, and many others. Continuously committed to innovation, we tirelessly research new methods to enhance the longevity and versatility of our clothing, ensuring our customers experience maximum wearability and sustainability.

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