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4 Ethical Lingerie Brands We Can’t Live Without

4 Ethical Lingerie Brands We Can’t Live Without

If there’s one thing women can all agree on, it’s that finding the right underwear can be a pain in the ass. Our lives are busy enough without having to worry about straps that dig into our shoulders and wires that cut into your ribs. Our choice in lingerie should help us feel comfortable and confident without compromising our values and beliefs. Here are a few of my favourite ethical lingerie brands that celebrate the modern woman in all her shapes and forms.

1. Lara Intimates

Founded in 2017 by Cindy Liberman and Faith Leeves, Lara Intimates proves that style, comfort and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Their range of soft cup bras and matching underwear are all made from reclaimed luxury fabrics by their all-female factory in Central London. Not only do they focus on reducing waste and providing their workers with a high standard of living, they also want to ensure that each woman is fitted correctly so that she can carry on her day feeling comfortable and confident. They’ve even created a nursing bra for breastfeeding mothers that will be coming out this March. If you have a look at their aptly named ‘Boob Diaries’, you’ll see just how many women appreciate the extra care and attention given to finding that “perfect fit”.

2. La Fille d’O

The creator of La Fille d’O, Murielle Victorine Scherre, found the inspiration for her lingerie in, “intelligent women, driven by their curiosity and lust for life”. It’s lingerie that empowers the modern woman by supporting the modern woman. Innovation, clean sourcing and an honest production line are what make up the foundation of each garment. The materials for La Fille d’O are sourced as local as possible, with 70% being made in Belgium. The remaining 30% is made up of French silk, Austrian cotton and German hardware. Although they don’t like to use the term “fair trade”, their seamstresses work within Belgium and have the same pay and rights as other Belgians, which in turn creates the shortest production line and a safe working environment. If you want something unique that compliments the curves of your body, then La Fille d’O is a brand to look out for.

3. Neon Moon

Neon Moon lingerie believes that every woman is beautiful, and they prove that by celebrating your stretch marks, freckles, cellulite and acne. In a world where women are taught to be ashamed of these things, Neon Moon helps you embrace them. They’re 100% sweatshop free, photoshop free and objectification free! The extremely tiny team of women, based in London, travel to their Fabulous Family Factory within Great Britain to ensure that their Neon Moon garments are made under safe working conditions and follow sustainable processes. Not only can you find quirky sets of bras and underwear, they also stock harnesses, bodysuits and reusable sanitary pads, making sure they’ve got you covered from top to bottom.

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4. NICO Underwear

NICO Underwear was established in 2012 with the goal of bringing high quality basics to the fashion industry. This underwear and swimwear brand puts an emphasis on form and function, with basics that support your body throughout the day. The range of bras, bodies and slips are all basic and understated without any flashy colours. It’s clear that ‘less is more’ with this brand. Their team also encourages and upholds transparency in the fashion industry by cultivating ethical and sustainable practices. They use recycled cotton and nylon in order to produce their garments and on their website you can find an introduction into their processes and the factories in which their garments are produced. If you’re in need of something that is simple and comfortable, then you might want to check out NICO Underwear.

What’s your favourite ethical lingerie brand?

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