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Fair Fashion Inspiration: Spring Edition

Fair Fashion Inspiration: Spring Edition

Before you continue reading, dear reader, I have to tell you something. Yes. The truth is that I come from a small country called Sweden. You could say I’m a Scandinavian too. And, for all of you who don’t know this, Scandinavians are a bit… boring. Some would say classy, timeless, or even super trendy. But when we all walk around here, and six months out of twelve are just boring, dark, windy and foggy, WHY do we have to dress this dull? I mean, come on.

And that folks, that’s why I just LOVE spring fashion! Every year, of course, but I might be a bit more excited about it this year. 2018 will bring us flowers, patterns that mix and match, or maybe just mismatch – it doesn’t really matter actually – pink, red and a challenging colour; yellow! I think many people have a hard time matching this colour, but this spring I would like to say: ANYTHING works! Seriously, if we look at all the street style pictures wandering around social media, anything is possible and everything is allowed!

So. When I update my wardrobe for any season, I always think of what I would like to wear. This spring it is bright jeans, a lot of pink stuff, a puffy spring jacket and white sneakers. I also like to try on things I usually wouldn’t, because it’s totally that kind of spring fashion this year. Then I walk to my favourite thrift stores and start thrifting.



In my first outfit I am wearing my pink sparkly socks, sneakers and a super pink coat.

Okey, so to style up your whole outfit: wear sparkly socks!
This outfit is almost all thrifted, except for the shoes that come from FILA.

Levi’s jeans, coat from H&M, shirt from COS and bag from Michael Kors – all thrifted.


A white shirt is always a good idea. I guess here you could say that I actually am a Scandi, and yes, I admit it, but a white shirt can be styled with anything. This particular white shirt is from my favourite brand, COS, and it is, of course, thrifted.

Next outfit is a bit more fun. I think I might have had some French influence here, don’t you think? I really love the stripes, but I sometimes find it difficult to match this particular pattern without looking like a sailor. Obviously I want to look more French. So, here I’m wearing a silk top, Acne (bright!) jeans and soft blazer from H&M – all thrifted.



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This springy outfit is a hoot, don’t you think? It’s a vintage tulip dress, and I just love its pale colours. It’s a lot of patterns, one might think, so what I like to do is to dress it down with a simple pair of jeans. These too are from Acne, and also thrifted. But let me talk a little bit about the tote bag. One should never leave the house without a tote with a statement! This one comes from a small Swedish company called Me and My House – I just love everything about it.

And now, finally, the yellow. I found this yellow dress at a second hand shop and just couldn’t resist buying it. I had to have it! But it has been hard to style since I’m not the crazy yellow person I thought I was. Here I just style it with an old pair of leggings and an old pair of sneakers that I pimped with some satin bands.


So, let’s go out there and hope for some warmth (at least here in Sweden, as it is still pretty cold) and just be more colorful. I mean seriously, everybody needs more colour in their lives, I’m sure of it.


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