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FAIR. Jewelry: From Trash to Treasure (Giveaway included!)

FAIR. Jewelry: From Trash to Treasure (Giveaway included!)

Valentine has passed but we at Fair Fashion Magazine think that this is just a stupid commercial festivity. We prefer showing love to our loved ones every single day and that is why we are sharing this sustainable and fair jewelry brand with you: FAIR. Jewelry. By the way, we have teamed up with this eco-friendly brand for a giveaway, read till the bottom to find out how to enter.

The Woman Behind the Brand

The woman behind the brand is Jennifer, a jewelry designer and metalsmith. She has a very strong bond with nature and gets her inspiration from Mother Earth’s mountains and seas. The fair jewelry she designs definitely pays an homage to our planet, not only because she uses natural gemstones, but also because she aims for each piece to be responsibly made. Her mission:

“To educate others on striving for a minimal carbon footprint possible.”

FAIR. Jewelry

FAIR. Jewelry is a Canadian based brand and yes, as the name says itself: fine jewelry pieces, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. They are very subtle yet catch your attention immediately through their high quality and sustainable designs. The accessories are handmade by Jennifer, with materials fair for the environment and at fair prices. What would we want more?

From Trash to Treasure: the Recycled Glass Collection

A recycled jewelry line maybe? Jennifer came up with the idea for this even more sustainable line when she was doing a walk at the beach and saw all types of and shapes of glass in the sand. From then onwards, she started thinking about reusing and upcycling these materials, and now, the recycled glass jewelry collection from FAIR. Jewelry has become an eye-catching line! All bracelets, earrings and necklaces from this collection are handmade and handblown with recycled bottles from either water, oil, beer, make-up, perfume… and turned into upcycled glass beads adorned with recycled precious metals. This means that each piece is unique and one of a kind. Yay for sustainable and unique fashion outfits!

5% of FAIR. Jewelry Orders Donated

Moreover, 5% of orders above 100$ go to the David Suzuki Foundation. Jennifer looked into many organisations to ensure money would be donated to a reputable foundation with transparent work and policies. After analysing many of them, she chose for the David Suzuki Foundation as tey lead, support and fight for Earth Conservation.

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Care for Your Jewelry

Jennifer also thinks that taking care of the FAIR. Jewelry is very important, that way they last a lot longer and are, automatically, more sustainable as well. That’s why she for example also uses gold plated on sterling silver for some of the jewelry pieces as once the goating gets off after many many years, we can still keep on wearing them, compared to brands that may gold plate copper or brass.


As mentioned in our intro, we have teamed up with Jennifer from FAIR. Jewelry for his awesome and sustainable giveaway. Check our Instagram post to find out how to enter.

Can’t wair or didn’t win? Use DISCOUNT CODE: FAIR4FAIRMAG for 12% off!

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