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15 Brands For Your Fair Office Wardrobe

15 Brands For Your Fair Office Wardrobe

Just got a new job at one of those Offices? Don´t know what to wear? Yeah, I feel you… Just like a million other people who just started that job too. It´s tricky converting one’s wardrobe to match a new environment. A new purpose really. Perhaps minimalistic business clothes are not even your style and the only thing to be found in your wardrobe is a garden of patterns.

Now to solve this issue, most of us either go for a panic-oriented shopping tour or put our trust in Google. These are both legit solutions, unless

  • you’re not only looking to find suitable work clothes that fit your figure (and hopefully fulfill at least some criteria of your personal style)
  • you also want to shop consciously.

If you thought that you were on a real hunt before, think again because it is here that the search really begins…

The reason is that unless you´re the Wolf of Wall Street and take a regular Sunday Swim in money, you can’t buy high-fashion designer clothes on an everyday basis. You are most likely struggling to find those sweet-looking, affordable & conscious office clothes.

This is practically the exact issue that Cynthia Salim, founder of Citizens Mark identified a few years back when she got a job offer at a big consulting firm.

In 2 words: stylish & professional. Or like Cynthia herself would put it: Credible.

Continuing on this side lane of Wall Street I’d like to present the below list, filled with more or less strict office clothes for the conscious buyer.


J.jackman  |  Citizens Mark  |  Mara Hoffman  | Daiwear  | This is Aday  |  Everlane

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Don´t forget the shoes!

Nisolo  |  Veerah  |  Beyond Skin  |  Will’s Vegan Shoes  |  Everlane


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