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1600 Km From Supplier To Finished Garment

1600 Km From Supplier To Finished Garment

Avani, Sanskrit for Earth, is a Swiss clean fashion brand. The founders of the brand Delphine and Christel chose this name because they produce sustainable clothes that have less possible harm on the environment, factory workers…  Although the brand was founded in Switzerland, it relies on the know-how of their French artisans to produce the sustainable, timeless pieces made with local and above all, traceable materials. Their vision is quality over quantity and this can definitely be noticed in how they practice what they preach: their wardrobe essentials can be easily combined or worn differently. What about wearing a red dress as a cardigan for example?! More combinations, but fewer clothes in our wardrobe, that’s what we like!


All the Avani styles are 100% European sourced, from materials and design, to the creation and production. This means that the carbon footprint of their brand lower compared to many other global brands. The maximum distance between various suppliers and their workshop in not more than 1600 km!


Not only are the materials sourced and produced locally, the linen, hemp or Tencel ® they use are also well thought of. The  GOTS-certified fibres are organically cultivated, transformed and dyed, with low impact dyes certified with Oeko-Tex 100, in Europe. Not using heavy metals nor other toxic products like pesticides, GMO or chemical fertilisers, makes them soft on the skin. The buttons that are used in several dresses or blouses are all made from European boxwood. Moreover, the suppliers they work with, all recycle and minimise their pollution of air, waste and soils. The founders also decided to not use neither elastane nor blended synthetic fibres to make recycling afterwards easier.

Photo from Avani


Avani knows that where their clothes are made and the conditions the workers and craftsmen work in should be just as sustainable for the people like their materials are for the environment. All the timeless fashion garmentes are designed in Vevey in Switzerland and made by three very crafty women in Marcollin, France. As the distance between both workplaces is just 280 km, they can easily conduct ongoing quality control and communicate more easily with the artisans who

  • receive a salary corresponding to their craft talent,
  • have safety in their workplace,
  • have reasonable working hours, respecting the current labour laws,
  • preserve regional know-how.

The founders know that everyone these days can state this without consumers actually being able to track the garment. That’s why they even go one step further and have full traceability of all their styles, from the supply chain of the raw materials they use all the way to the finished product.

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So with this brand, there is definitely no need to sacrifice style over sustainability. 

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