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How to rock a second hand outfit

How to rock a second hand outfit

Welcome to our newest blog category! Fair Fashion Magazine is more than just sharing brands and experiences from our Team member, we always have our readers in mind while writing new posts. That’s why we came up with this new outfit category: inspiration from and BY our own community, including some awesome bloggers! For our first post we teamed up with Noor from Tiny Temple. Are you curious to see the result as well?

My name is Noor and I’m a true lover of secondhand items. It all started with beautiful items that belonged to my grandmothers. Soon I found my happy place in thrift shops. It’s a great place to find your own personal style. Nowadays the biggest part of my closet is secondhand and on my blog Tiny Temple  I try to inspire others to add secondhand pieces to their wardrobe.

Spring is coming, which is the perfect time to combine bare legs with a big chunky sweater. I’m wearing a complete secondhand look:

  • My secondhand shopping adventures started at the thriftstore in my hometown, which is still my all-time favorite. I especially love the men’s department where I found this amazing chunky sweater. The wollen skirt, belt and purple top (of which you only get a sneak peak) are from the same store. I didn’t buy all of it at the same time though, these items I collected throughout the years.
  • The bumbag I found at Sussies Vintage in Utrecht.  Actually with a discount because the buckle wasn’t working properly, so I exchanged this for a new buckle myself to give it a second life. I love bumbags, they are super practical!
  • I’ve been wearing these cowboy boots for at least 7 years now. They will always be a staple item, because they are very comfortable and go with everything. I got them at Recessie in Groningen, but you can find them at every good vintage store.
  • The earrings are also secondhand, I found them on United Wardrobe, which is a great website for buying and selling secondhand clothes. The necklace I got at a market in Borneo on one of my travels (so okay, it’s not a complete secondhand look, but almost complete!).

Have you also seen our Editor’s-in-Chief all black second hand outfit already?

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Pictures by Davien Fotografie.

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