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Sustainable Fashion Hotspots In Stockholm

Sustainable Fashion Hotspots In Stockholm

TWENTYFAIRSEVEN went to Stockholm! I hear you thinking, oh that beautiful capital of Sweden everyone is always talking about… Well, we were super excited about how green and eco-friendly Stockholm is! Especially in Södermalm, the southern part of the city, we were able to find plenty of places to eat vegan, to shop second hand and enjoy the sudden sun rays in the many green parks at the same time. That’s why we decided to make a fair, second hand and sustainable shopping guide for Stockholm. 

Let’s explore our five favourite fashion hotspots together:


This tiny shop on the west of the island Södermalm is probably the easiest option if you want to support fair and sustainable clothing brands. It basically has everything you might need, from dresses, jeans and shoes on the one hand to underwear, jewellery and even books on the other hand. And the best part is, they offer both womenswear as well as menswear. The shop owner, Pernilla, sells only products of high quality, produced in an environmentally sound and ethical way at Ecosphere. Moreover, they are even made out of sustainable and climate friendly materials that contribute to a lowered waste of the earth’s resources. 

When you’re there, don’t forget to check the shop next door, Deadwood, where you can find recycled leather jackets.

📍 Find them at: Bergsunds strand 32 

Judits Second Hand

At Judits Second Hand they mix vintage items with the latest trends from Swedish brands like Acne, Hope, Tiger of Sweden, etc. The mix between old and new is what makes this shop so nice and especially when you can find an item of the top-class brands above at a fraction of the price. What’s not to love about that?

📍 Find them at: Hornsgatan 75

Stockholms Stadsmission

Compared to Beyond Retro listed below, the many shops of Stockholms Stadsmission have literally everything you could be looking for to bargain second hand, from vintage clothes to temporary trends, and even books and antiques. Not convinced yet? In the non-profit thrift stores, Stockholms Stadsmission gives people (from disadvantaged backgrounds) the opportunity to get back into work through internships and job training. By supporting them, you contribute simultaneously to a brighter future for many employees as this work experience will get them back into the work market.

📍 There are several shops scattered throughout the city, it’s best to look up the nearest location once you’re there.


The pieces you find at Remake are recycled second hand pieces made locally, the tag even says where exactly it was made. Thinking of buying something one of a kind? Then this is your shot! There is only one size of everything, but finding something you like is definitely not difficult at this shop in the busy neighbourhood of Stockholm. What absolutely surprised me is that the pieces are even unisex, which makes them even more sustainable because you can just dive into your siblings’ or partner’s closet and share the Remake recycled Garments.

📍 Find them at: Klarabergsgatan 33

Beyond Retro

The last but definitely not the least sustainable hotspot on the list is Beyond Retro. Ringing a bell? You might know them if you’ve ever been to London (UK) as Beyond Retro is the leading supplier of vintage clothing over there. I hear you thinking: “Wait what? London? I thought you went to Stockholm?!” Still true! But they have two big, and with big I actually mean huuuuuge stores in Sweden’s capital. Need more to convince you? They even have their own label as only 1 out of 1000 garments donated actually reach the shop, they try to tackle the waste problem by deconstructing particular items to reconstruct them into something completely new and unique. How cool is that! They might be a bit on the “expensive” side – shouldn’t we just start questioning the cheap fast fashion clothes’ norm – but the options are endless. 

📍 Find them at: Brännkyrkagatan 82 & Drottninggatan 77

Other shops we have visited during our stay: Humana, Myrorna, Emmaus, Lisa Larsson, Brandstationen and many, many more. If you’re there during the weekend, don’t forget to visit the fleamarket Hornstulls Marknad where you can find plenty of vintage and second-hand clothes and food trucks. 

Have you ever been to Stockholm? Let us know what your favourite hotspots are!

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