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7 Tips For A Fair And Sustainable Valentine’s Day

7 Tips For A Fair And Sustainable Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and even though we’re not a big fan of the commercial messages brands are sending out these days to just buy more and more things. However, with our 3 part sustainable Valentine’s Day gift guide, you’ll have the best fair and eco gift ideas for your loved one if you really do want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day together.

1. Gift dry flowers or plants instead of roses

As many roses you can buy in most boutiques don’t have a fair trade label, and are thrown out after just a couple of weeks, why not buy dry flowers? Your loved one can use them over and over again as decoration and will be reminded every single time about your love when they look at them. Isn’t that just great?

2. Send a plantable card to your loved one

On Valentine’s Day, many, many, maaaany cards are sent out to everyone’s loved ones. And what happens with them after a couple of weeks? We just save them in a box or even throw them away, and what a waste of paper indeed! Have you ever thought about sending a plantable card? They contain many seeds for either flowers, plants or even herbs or vegetables. And how lovely is it knowing that your loved one is watering your love.

3. Say no to wrapping paper

This tip should be in every sustainable gift guide actually. Because why waste so many resources when we can recycle so many things we have at home as wrapping paper! From putting all your gifts in a big handbag or travel trolley, or even using recycled newspaper. What ideas do you come up with? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

4. Gift an Experience

Gifts don’t always have to be material, and they better not be! Think about what kind of person your partner is: adventurous, always working, food lover? Why not gift a spa day, or even better, organise a spa day at home? Or what about organising a picnic with the best sunset views in your neighbourhood!

5. This year, it’s all about staycation!

Paris the city of love? Let’s make your city the city of love this year! Travelling is still tricky and a bit risky due to the current COVID-19 circumstances. But who said a staycation in your own region or even your own home can’t be as fun and as travelling abroad? Check your local tourism offices or browse the web to discover those many unknown treasures in your neighbourhood!

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6. Order out and support your local restaurant during these hard times

This year, many restaurants have had difficult times and we want you to support them this year! Instead of cooking in, order out and support your local restaurants during these hard times!

7. Craft or thrift

Instead of buying something new, have you ever thought about crafting, diy-ing or thrifting? We’re sure that it’s going to be the best gift your partner has received knowing you’ve spent quite some time working on it!

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